Miami Heat: What Is Avery Bradley’s Ceiling For The Season?

Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown (7) and Los Angeles Lakers guard Avery Bradley (11) battle for the ball(Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)
Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown (7) and Los Angeles Lakers guard Avery Bradley (11) battle for the ball(Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat went out and got Avery Bradley this offseason. It will be interesting to see how they integrate into the fold.

While one of the highlights of the unexpected Miami Heat playoff push was the rise of forward Jae Crowder, losing him to the Phoenix Suns isn’t as bad as some fear it’ll be. His replacement in Moe Harkless isn’t a step up but it does cover defensively a keyhole in what Crowder was able to do.

The addition that I want to praise the Heat about is the pleasant acquisition of Avery Bradley. What Bradley can do and will be able to add to the team this coming season is something that won’t immediately pop up in stats or highlights, but instead in simple team defense and hustle that displays perfectly.

It might even provide a variety of rotation switches that weren’t necessarily there before. What that means is as a 6’2’’ guard, he can guard positions 1-4 in tough matchups.

He has a career average of 11.8 points per game, but what he can also attribute is a solid knowledge of defense and a basketball IQ well above that of the average. With a solid 43.6 field goal percentage, Bradley should be able to contribute nicely alongside both Goran Dragic and Tyler Herro.

The Miami Heat got another key piece while directly weakening the enemy in the multiple and versatile Avery Bradley.

What he instantly provides is another great addition to this team’s depth and is vastly underrated when he switches defensively. He has great court vision, which can help finish a lot of transition plays offensively, such as instantly getting Herro going from the corner.

He can also attract bodies at the top of the key to maximize the spacing on the floor as well for both Herro and Duncan to take their shots. And you know they will both be shooting lights out this season if the end of last year is any indication.

While his statistical numbers are modest, Bradley will provide the Heat another strong defender and a veteran presence off their bench. There is honestly no ceiling for what Bradley can bring to the table.

He knows his role and what is to be expected of him. More than likely, he will deliver.

He has shown that and will continue to do so with a great backcourt to work with. Nevertheless everything else on the team.

He is excited about this new chapter in his life and has accepted Heat culture nicely. He’s ready for the challenge and can ultimately build on this team’s latest success.

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He’s said as much, speaking of how the Miami Heat’s culture led him here. He should be in for another very productive season.