Miami Heat: Grading Each Of Pat Riley’s Offseason Moves

Miami Heat president Pat Riley address reporters (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat president Pat Riley address reporters (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Avery Bradley #11 of the Los Angeles Lakers defends Javonte Green #43 of the Boston Celtics (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat needed to replace some guys, as well as sure up a deficiency. They did just that with the next two players.

Maurice Harkless

Jae Crowder went and joined the Phoenix Suns. His hot shooting after arriving in Miami last season was a major part of what led them to the NBA Finals.

He is no longer there though. That’s where Maurice Harkless comes in.

Moe isn’t the shooter that Jae is while he was in Miami. Harkless is bigger, more athletic, and a bit more multiple though.

Again, while he can’t shoot it as Jae did, he can put the ball on the floor and score in a few more ways. His defensive versatility should really bring something extra to the Miami Heat with his ability to stay in front of at least four different positions.

At the price and for what he can be, it was a good move. Not great, just good.

Grade: B-

Avery Bradley

Avery Bradley brings something that Miami Heat were missing last season. They didn’t have a guy that could step up and hold opposing lead guards in check.

He is a guy that can do that. He will be deployed immediately and with great frequency, one would imagine.

What also doesn’t hurt is his ability to make a play for others. He can also be serviceable as a shooter along the perimeter.

To top it all off, his acquisition directly hurts the Lakers, who you have to assume to be the lead dog to come out of the West and this is of course providing that Miami handles their business again in the East.

Grade: A