Miami Heat: 1 bold prediction for Max Strus’s 2020-21 season

New Orleans Pelicans forward Nicolo Melli (20) passes the ball away from Miami Heat guard Max Strus (31)(Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)
New Orleans Pelicans forward Nicolo Melli (20) passes the ball away from Miami Heat guard Max Strus (31)(Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports) /

For each Miami Heat player, we decided to give one bold prediction: Max Strus

The Miami Heat continue to do the impossible. They continue to find quality NBA talent from anywhere that they look.

Not good enough for the Celtics to hang on to and not a decent enough player to stick in Chicago, Max Strus has now found himself with an organization that can not only help him stick and stay in the league but excel in a role. That role is, of course, as a shooter of the highest magnitude.

Strus has a lightning-quick trigger on his release and isn’t afraid to let it fly. He showed us all of that in just his two preseason contests with the club.

This bold prediction could have been that he would be the one to make the team in their final two-way slot, but that wasn’t that bold of a statement after watching him in the two preseason games compared to everyone else vying for the roles.

The Miami Heat had a ton of shooting last year, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have added more.

With that in mind though, let’s get to his bold prediction. It’s all relative, might I remind you, being that he wasn’t even on the roster as of two and a half weeks ago.

Max Strus will shoot 40 percent or better from deep on at least three attempts per game this season

The Miami Heat have transformed themselves over the last few seasons or so to more closely mirror the “everyone shoots” philosophy of the league today. However, they haven’t compromised who they are as a club and organization, as they still believe in supreme hustle, grit, determination, the strongest will to win, and most of all, defense.

The Miami Heat already have quite a few elite-type shooters. From Tyler Herro to Duncan Robinson to Goran Dragic to, dare I say, KZ Okpala when he finds a rhythm, Strus only adds to a war chest that already has quite the resources in it.

As the old saying goes and especially applicable in today’s NBA, you can never have enough shooting. Strus making his way onto this Miami Heat squad is proof of that.

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All he has to do is get the tick, because the confidence and the ability are there. That’s why this was my bold prediction for Max Strus’s first season in Miami.