Miami Heat: 1 Bold Prediction For Chris Silva’s 2020-21 season

Miami Heat forward Chris Silva (30) shoots against the Cleveland Cavaliers (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat forward Chris Silva (30) shoots against the Cleveland Cavaliers (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat brought Chris Silva on last season and he managed to stick.

The Miami Heat excel when it comes to finding talent, no matter where they look. However, there are those situations where they don’t have to look as hard.

Some of those situations include when a guy comes from a certain place, has a certain profile, was coached or recruited by a certain guy, or a number of other things. In one example, guys that play at Memphis collegiately are usually hard-nosed and tough, which just so happens to fit Precious Ahciuwa but also makes sense when you think about the physicality with which he plays.

You can also look at any Kentucky player that excels in Miami, as that Calipari synergy seems to be a thing too. There is another college coach that has that type of synergy with the Miami Heat too.

The way Frank Martin, currently the head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks men’s basketball program, coaches his guys up also jives with the Miami Heat on a pro-level. You can look at Rodney McGruder on one end, who played for Martin at Kansas State, while you can take Chris Silva on the other end, who played for Martin at South Carolina.

The Miami Heat’s Chris Silva will need an opportunity to prove he should stick on the roster.

Chris Silva is the broader topic of today’s chat though. Can he make a meaningful impact with this team this season?

I don’t know, as that’s a really good question. Although the answer is probably “not likely”, I do believe he would perform well if he saw the opportunity.

That’s just it though. I don’t think he’ll see that opportunity, or perhaps he will but only in small doses.

That leads us right into his bold prediction though.

Chris Silva will find a way to stick with this team for the entire season

With the Miami Heat having a full roster and with options either still out there or sure to present themselves, he would seem to be the odd man out if they needed to let someone go to make a move. With this declaration, I say that it won’t be him.

If they need or decide to let anyone go, it won’t be Silva. Hopefully, he’ll have the chance to prove himself too valuable to do so before the option presents itself and takes that opportunity to make the most of it.

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I have always liked Silva and that is because of that aforementioned something that I was speaking of when mentioning how Frank Martin coaches his guys up. Let’s hope Silva can get going here soon because that’s what it’ll take to keep him in Miami.