Miami Heat: Patience is a virtue & why most of us are probably wrong about it all

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Miami Heat

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro (14) and Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) run down the court
(Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports)

The Miami Heat aren’t as bad as most of us think, they just need time to completely demonstrate it.

The Miami Heat are 4-4 at the moment. That’s not a great record, by any means, but .500 is never awful.

It’s not what the Miami Heat expect though, that’s for sure. With what has went into attaining that win/loss record though, it has given some of us observers, pundits, and fans feelings of mediocrity and bad basketball.

To be plain about it all, we have downright questioned whether this is a good basketball team that the Miami Heat have or not. With the rumor mill churning away, we have all but traded every player not named Bam Adebayo or Jimmy Butler.

I am here with a declaration though, two if we are being absolutely precise. First, patience is truly a virtue and secondly, most of us are probably wrong on what we think of the Miami Heat right now.

For starters, by patience, it simply means that the season has just begun. While there will only be 72 games this season, that 4-4 record indicates that they’ve only played eight games thus far and if my math is correct, that’s only 1/9 of the season.

That means that they have more than 85 percent of it left to play. With a long season last year, a bit of turnover, and Jimmy Butler’s shaky injury situation to start the year, we have to give them time to fully gel and put things together on the court.

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