Miami Heat: On Wednesday, they most certainly ran on Duncan Robinson

Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson (55) reacts after hitting a basket against the New York Knicks(Mike Stobe/POOL PHOTOS-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson (55) reacts after hitting a basket against the New York Knicks(Mike Stobe/POOL PHOTOS-USA TODAY Sports) /

Coming into the Miami Heat‘s game on Wednesday, those that follow, support, and/or root for the Miami Heat had probably been waiting on two things specifically and when it came to Wednesday’s opponent. That was a win against them, as the Pacers were two-thirds the way toward a season sweep of the Miami Heat, while the second would happen throughout the course of the game.

Well, to spoil a part of that, they got the win on Wednesday. That takes care of that part.

The Indiana Pacers won’t be able to say or know that they dominated the Miami Heat during the season series, if it comes up again as though they won it with two of the three, the Heat won the latest and the one immediately prior was a tough game that came down to the wire.

The second part of the equation is the more fascinating and appealing part though.

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The Miami Heat were able to hang around in and close Wednesday’s game because of Duncan Robinson.

For those that were spoiled by Duncan Robinson‘s shooting exploits a season ago, everyone, you finally saw what you have been yearning for on Wednesday night. To be clear, it’s not that he was shooting bad or playing as bad, generally, as some would have you to believe.

It was more two things than any others there. He wasn’t necessarily superhuman or hadn’t been superhuman as much as he had been last year, which is probably due to next factor.

Everyone else on the Miami Heat’s roster has been shooting poorly this season as well. Though he has still been one of the best shooters in the league, the lack of overall shots being made can and has made his production less appealing and thus, less appreciated by the fans.

He was doing Duncan things again on Wednesday though and it was great to see. To be fair, this is actually the second or third contest since the trade deadline, where he has looked somewhat normal or like the version of himself that he put on display last season.

You have to imagine that the freedom of mind in knowing he won’t be traded had something to do with that too. No matter what it is, it doesn’t matter.

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He seems to be back shooting the ball the way he can and has for the Miami Heat. At least that was the case on Wednesday, as he was the catalyst for their victory.

Yes, they absolutely “ran on Duncan”.