Miami Heat: Coach Caron Butler and Jamal Crawford’s heartfelt Kobe exchange

Andre Iguodala #28 of the Miami Heat high fives assistant coach Caron Butler against the Detroit Pistons(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Andre Iguodala #28 of the Miami Heat high fives assistant coach Caron Butler against the Detroit Pistons(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat are on a three game winning streak! All is well in Miami Heat Land.

Victor Oladipo recently made his debut. Though it wasn’t explosive, box score wise, he checked all the boxes with this play, all but solidifying the move as an A+ maneuver for Pat Riley and his Miami Heat squad.

Nemanja Bjelica hasn’t quite come all the way on yet, but he hit a shot from so deep on Thursday night, that it gives you hope about what he could eventually offer on a regular basis. He hit this shot from his old locker in Sacramento.

Yea, that will work. That was from way down town.

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The Miami Heat are playing well over their last three, but here’s something else to smile about in case that isn’t enough.

Trevor Ariza has also looked rather spry in his few games thus far in Miami. Although his shot isn’t quite falling the way you want it to, the way it can, and the way it should as he continues to get himself acclimated, everything else he’s doing is notable and much appreciated.

He’s making plays off of the dribble, making the extra pass, and taking what the defense is giving him. You know he’s practically a defensive savant, so you know what to expect on that side of the ball.

Again, all seems well right now if you follow or support the Miami Heat. That’s no reason not to give you another reason to smile though as a Miami Heat supporter.

Take this next exchange from former Miami Heat player, assistant coach and NBA great, Caron Butler, between he and another NBA great in Jamal Crawford. In fact, it may go just beyond sheer smiling into a slight misty moment.

In a retweet of his own, highlighting the respect and admiration that he had for the late great Kobe Bryant, Jamal Crawford commented about how Kobe’s presence made you play harder and better. In response to those sentiments, Caron Butler had something to add.

After Butler said his piece, J Crossover responded. That’s when Caron Butler responded to his response and the whole thing just honestly gives you the feels.

If you hadn’t cried, gotten misty, or felt any emotion today, here’s your opportunity. While Kobe is no longer here, the legacy of his life and the people he touched continues to live and shine every single day.

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This was just one more example of said phenomenon. Again, the Miami Heat are playing well but if you needed anything else to smile about today, this exchange between Miami Heat assistant coach, Caron Butler, and Jamal Crawford should do the trick.