Miami Heat playing with different bounce and breathing room over last few games

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Miami Heat

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) attempts a shot over Cleveland Cavaliers forward Taurean Prince (12)
(Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports)

The Miami Heat have hit a decent little stride over their last few games, winning their last four games after dropping the previous six straight. That’s almost been the story of the Miami Heat this season.

They will drop several straight, only to ring off several more straight in the other direction. That’s neither here nor there though, as that actually may be something to focus on.

Though that’s been the case for the most of the season. This time seems a bit different.

Since the trade deadline that included the additions, the Miami Heat have played with a different bounce in their steps. With that “bounce” and though you can’t really be sure if it’s cause and effect or collaborative in nature, meaning if one is due to the other or if they are occurring simultaneously because of the same set of circumstances, they’ve also been able to play with quite the bit of breathing room as well.

When you think about the Miami Heat for a ton of this season, up until the deadline to be honest, they haven’t really had a ton of easy looks. Though Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro struggled early a bit, until the deadline passed, they really didn’t have a ton of great looks to begin with.

That’s supplementary though. The main indicator was the Miami Heat’s main guy.

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