Miami Heat playing with different bounce and breathing room over last few games

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) celebrates with guard Duncan Robinson (55)(Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) celebrates with guard Duncan Robinson (55)(Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Miami Heat guard Victor Oladipo (4) attempts a shot past Cleveland Cavaliers forward Isaac Okoro (35) and forward Dean Wade (32)(Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat haven’t been afforded as much space as they have recently.

If you look even further into that, when the Miami Heat have needed to get a shot over the last season or so, Jimmy Butler has been that guy. The opposing teams were taking notice as well, because although he could make something happen at times, he really didn’t have a ton of easy looks either if the defense had a chance to set itself.

That hasn’t been the case, at all, since the deals were made to bring the new guys in. The Miami Heat have been able to get off great looks since bringing in Victor Oladipo, Trevor Ariza, and Nemanja Bjelica.

Take the above for example and though the Cavaliers aren’t the Bad Boy Pistons or even the Going To Work iteration on defense, the point is this. When’s the last time that Duncan Robinson has been left alone that long at the three point line, prior to the deadline, of course?

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For most of this season, defenses have been sticking to him like the number 55 does to his back. It’s literally been that real for him when it comes to getting off shots and he still shot in the very highest of the 30 percents, nearly 40 to be completely honest.

He’s really been honed in over his last six games though, making 30 of his 55 attempts in those games to shoot nearly 55 percent from three, which again, also coincidentally coincides with the passing of the NBA’s trade deadline.

It’s not just Duncan though.