Miami Heat: Heat owner wonders why Utah for Dwyane Wade, not Miami?

The Miami Heat are an organization that has long been known for their loyalty. Udonis Haslem has been on the Miami Heat’s bench for almost his entire life at this point, about half to be serious and specific.

The Miami Heat have consistently kept those in the fold and in the organization that have made an imprint or those that were imprinted so much on by the Heat’s organization. Look at Coach Spoelstra, who started as a video coordinator and is now the Heat’s head man.

Look at assistant coach, Caron Butler, drafted by the Miami Heat and now on their bench helping them be the best that they can be. The list goes on and on.

From Alonzo Mourning to their relationship with Chris Bosh, it’s no secret that once you are officially and really a part of the Miami Heat’s organization, you are a Heat Lifer. That’s why, the following reaction from Miami Heat team owner, Micky Arison, on Dwyane Wade‘s addition as a Utah Jazz minority owner is not only warranted, but not shocking at all.

Miami Heat owner, Micky Arison, ‘disappointed’ that it wasn’t Heat ownership for Dwyane Wade

It came in the form of a tweet, from his personal account. Here it is.

I want to congratulate Dwyane on his recent announcement. We had discussed having him join our ownership group after his retirement but he was not prepared to commmit at the time. Of course I am disappointed that he didn’t reconsider.

Having said that I wish him good luck and much success with the Jazz. To me Dwyane will always be a HEAT lifer.

He’s not wrong for the tweet, nor is he wrong for feeling the need to express what he did. Being who Flash is and taking into consideration the reciprocal meaningfulness to each other, betwixt Dwyane Wade and everything that is the Miami Heat, this is a logical response.

From Wade County, to the fanbase, to the coaches, owner, employees, current, and older players, Dwyane Wade’s impact on the franchise has been immense and that also describes his meaning. Again, this isn’t out of the ordinary, strange, or something that you wouldn’t expect.

It would almost be crazy if this hadn’t been the case. For the record, we are disappointed that it isn’t the Heat either, but we couldn’t be happier for Dwyane Wade.

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