Miami Heat: Everything was working in win over San Antonio

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro (14) shoots the ball against San Antonio Spurs (Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro (14) shoots the ball against San Antonio Spurs (Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat got a win over the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night to push their current winning streak out to three games. They were also able to break a three game losing streak on the road at the same time, following their road defeats to Phoenix, Denver, and unfortunately, Minnesota on last week.

For the Miami Heat though on Wednesday and for as rare as this is for Miami, when it’s all going right, it’s all going right. Wednesday night, it was all going right.

Though the Miami Heat didn’t dominate this game, the largest they were ever down were the two different seven point leads by the Spurs in the third quarter. Though the Miami Heat never got out to a huge lead themselves either, being up by around eight or nine in the fourth, it felt like a much more lopsided game in the Heat’s favor than it actually was.

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The Miami Heat never felt in danger on Wednesday night in a good road win.

Though the game hadn’t really been decided, you could just tell that the Miami Heat had the upper hand. As much as you hate to say this about a Greg Popovich coached team, as it’s actually hard to believe, they looked as though they had given up near the end of the fourth.

For the Miami Heat, no one could do any wrong. Goran Dragic continued to hit shots, as he has over the past few games.

Bam Adebayo continued his aggressive ways. Jimmy Butler even got back from injury and showed off his mid-ranged game.

Lastly, Tyler Herro even got back to being his self a bit in this game. Hitting a couple of big shots in the fourth period, that’s what’s expected of Boy Wonder, not the streaky performances he’s put on over this season.

While you hope that this all continues for everyone on the team, it was, at least, nice to see for one night. They needed to get a win to tie off the trio and that’s what they did.

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Now, they’ll see if they can get a win again and against a tough Atlanta squad that may be without Trae Young. Either way, it’ll have playoff implications and the Heat will play it like it is a playoff game.

That, you can be sure of.