Miami Heat: 3 Obstacles Impeding Jimmy Butler’s DPOY Campaign

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) spins the basketball on his finger (Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) spins the basketball on his finger (Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) shoots over San Antonio Spurs guard Patty Mills (8)(Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat are getting Jimmy Butler’s best offense, ever, out of him right now.

When you think about Jimmy Butler, the first thing that comes to mind is tough and hard-nosed. With that, the second thing is likely two-way player.

His Own Offensive Production

When a player has traditionally been one thing, but then begins to do another thing very well, that tends to dim the light on that other thing that they’ve done well all along. That’s the case with Jimmy Butler right now.

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While there could be a case made for, perhaps, one or two more seasons, at best and with last season for the Miami Heat being one of those, Jimmy Butler is arguably in the midst of his best offensive and all-around season… ever. The numbers say so.

He’s averaging his third highest points total ever at 21.4 per game, highest assist total, highest rebound total, his third highest free throw attempts per game, and his highest field goal percentage of his career. He’s the engine of the whole Miami Heat setup.

Because he is having the success that he is on that side of the ball, his defense isn’t getting enough credit. He’s also averaging the most steals of his career, a league-leading 2.1 per game, is top five in deflections, and guards any and everybody on the court who needs to be guarded.

Again, what he’s doing on the other side of the ball is overshadowing that though and likely, hurting him the DPOY race. That’s the second obstacle.