Miami Heat: Jimmy Butler says they collectively ‘have to be better on both ends’

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) holds the ball at mid court against the Chicago Bulls(Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) holds the ball at mid court against the Chicago Bulls(Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat are about as inconsistent as inconsistent can get. They come out during one game and look like world-beaters, only to come out the next and look as though anybody in the world can beat them.

Their most recent set of contests tell the story, in full, here. The Miami Heat came out this past Saturday night and proceeded to beat up on the Chicago Bulls for three quarters.

As the fourth quarter got underway, they found themselves allowing the Bulls to gain momentum, which eventually led to a tussle for the game in the end. While Monday night’s game didn’t necessarily go down the exact same way, it had a similar feel.

Though they never went up big, they essentially did the same thing, which was to give a team that shouldn’t have had one… a chance. The only thing is this though.

On Monday night, as opposed to Saturday night, it got them burned. What’s the issue though?

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The Miami Heat need to be more consistently better as a whole on both sides of the ball and Jimmy Butler knows it.

The issue is an inconsistency that the Miami Heat have and in a few different facets. Be that from game to game or from one side of the ball to the other side, they haven’t been able to consistently give the same effort and performances on a regular basis.

They’ll look like that dominant team on one night against quality completion and a totally different team the next night against sub-par competition. Here is what Jimmy had to say about it all after their most recent defeat, per Brendan Tobin of 790 The Ticket.

The Miami Heat need to be better and quickly. As Jimmy states, they only have 10 regular season games left to do so.

Here’s the thing about it all though. For as bad as the Miami Heat look in the regular season and they have looked really bad at times, there still has to be some faith in Jimmy Butler.

While the second round and beyond of the playoffs would be an issue if that was the first set of games to be played, from a competition and who they might face standpoint, the Miami Heat should be able to get out of any play-in and first round scenario and that’s even with all of their current inconsistencies.

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Hopefully, the switch flips then and they can use that to get right for the remainder of a potential run. Right now though and on what he said last night, Jimmy Butler is spot on.