Miami Heat: Forget Cryptocurrencies, buy the Tyler Herro stock now

What do the Miami Heat and the new cryptocurrency craze have in common? Well, not a lot, but they make for an interesting contrast.

If everyone and their mother is doing something with their money that is “fool proof”, beware. We may be reaching that point with Cryptocurrencies.

On the flip side, Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro’s stock seems to have fallen to an all-time low, as he continues to take turns between struggling on the court and missing games as the team faces the reality of a play-in game along with an extremely tough first round matchup against the Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia Sixers or Brooklyn Nets.

The Miami Heat’s Tyler Herro has endured quite the sophomore year. It’s safe to say he’ll be alright though, as he’s too good not to.

I will make no short term predictions for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum or the like, but I will plug this, buy the Tyler Herro dip. Who knows, maybe he will bounce back sooner rather than later and the Heat make a jump in the standings just in the nick of time.

But even if that doesn’t happen, he will bounce back eventually. As he struggles, he is learning and as he learns, he will improve and continue to adjust to the NBA game.

As a 21 year old sophomore, you can’t expect flawless consistency, especially as a shooter with nagging injuries. But he is still a very exciting prospect who has a bright future in the NBA.

Some fans wanted to trade the slumping shooter for Kyle Lowry, but that would’ve been selling low. Miami Heat fans are aware of Ray Allen’s talent and even he had a drop off with efficiency after a stellar rookie season.

Devin Booker has also had some worrisome variance with his shooting stroke. I could continue with further examples but the point would be the same, there’s no reason to worry.

Thankfully, team President Pat Riley still believes in Herro. I trust his judgment when it comes to NBA talent.

Similar to the stock market, let’s think long term when it comes to Herro’s journey in the NBA. For someone so young, patience is key and although there will be bumps in the road, Herro deserves our support.