Miami Heat: They likely end up with 5th seed in NBA Playoffs

Miami Heat forward Duncan Robinson (55) and guard Goarn Dragic (7) defend Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young (11)(Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat forward Duncan Robinson (55) and guard Goarn Dragic (7) defend Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young (11)(Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat have looked pretty good in the last two games against the Boston Celtics, bashing them for two quarters in the first game and for two more in the second.

At the end of both those games though, the Miami Heat found themselves on top of the Celtics on the scoreboard. That, along with a New York Knicks loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night, led to the Miami Heat being in the fifth seed due to various tie breakers.

With the Hawks at number four, Miami at five, and New York at six, the Hawks immediately next contest on Wednesday was against a Washington Wizards team that is fighting for their playoff lives as well.

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The Miami Heat needed Washington to come through for them but they couldn’t over the Hawks, likely leaving the Heat as the 5th NBA Playoff seed.

The Wizards actually had a great chance to win it, taking an eight point lead into the fourth quarter.  They even had the lead with less than a minute left, but then they allowed John Collins of the Hawks to hit a huge shot from 23 feet out to put the Hawks up a point and with only 24 seconds left.

That was pretty much the game and the Hawks would go on to win. Here’s what that all means for the Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat.

First off, the Miami Heat need to, at least, be able to match the Knicks, win for win. They have to finish with the same record or better to stay ahead of them.

As far as the Hawks go, they only have two games left, as opposed to the three that both Miami and New York have. With games to close against the Magic and the Rockets, the Hawks stand a pretty good chance to win those games.

With that, the Miami Heat can likely climb no higher than five in the seedings with Washington’s loss to the Hawks on Wednesday. Hopefully, both the Magic and the Rockets can knock the Hawks off, allowing the Heat to jump them for that four seed but you can’t count on that.

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With that, the focus must be staying on pace or ahead of New York. You would rather face either of those two in the first round than any of the top seeds.