Miami Heat: Jimmy Butler Must, Simply, Be Better In Game Two

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Miami Heat

Brook Lopez #11 of the Milwaukee Bucks shoots in the first quarter against the Miami Heat during Game 1 (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

In Game One of a first-round and best-of-seven series between the Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks, the Heat suffered a 107-109 overtime loss on Saturday. Taken out in the end by a well-defended and go-ahead jumper from Khris Middleton, with 0.5 seconds remaining — it ultimately lifted the Bucks to a 1-0 series advantage.

In wake of a, 56-24, advantage in points in the paint, Milwaukee made timely adjustments to capitalize off the Heat’s poor shooting, despite Miami converting on 20 of their 50 three-point attempts. It should also be noted that the Bucks finished with a 61-54 advantage in the rebounding department.

After such an excellent start in the first quarter, the Heat were gradually worn-down by such a tenacious Bucks defense, which began to trend upwards about halfway through the second quarter. Even while working themselves into the bonus with over five minutes remaining, the Heat just couldn’t ignite the type of run to create any kind of separation.

As many consider this one as an exciting open to the 2021 NBA Playoffs, it’s more appropriate to deem it as agonizing and palpable, especially for fans of either team. After having five days of rest, some shoddy shooting from both sides kept this game relatively close.

However and regardless of how the egg is flipped, sunny-side up or over-easy, the Bucks did what they were supposed to do. That’s protect their home floor in a game that was physical and gritty.

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