Miami Heat: 2020-21 End Of Season Grades For Duncan Robinson

Jimmy Butler #22 and Duncan Robinson #55 of the Miami Heat have a conversation(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
Jimmy Butler #22 and Duncan Robinson #55 of the Miami Heat have a conversation(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

It was definitely an up and down season for the Miami Heat and their resident sniper, Duncan Robinson, but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t some bright spots for him throughout the year. Robinson, who had a breakout year last year, took the league by surprise in shooting 44.6 percent from three.

This year though, the league had a lot more film on Robinson and it showed quite a bit. But that is what being a professional is being all about, that’s finding ways to get it done after the defense knows your first and second move.

Let’s go over Robinson’s season from beginning to end. He struggle to start the year off, but that’s normal for shooters to slowly get going.

Remember, this is Robinson’s contract year and second season being a starter, meaning a lot of pressure was on him when you include last year’s shooting outburst. You could tell Robinson was overthinking out on the court and doubting himself at times.

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The Miami Heat got a really good year from Duncan Robinson, though not as electric as last. He still made the grade though and needs to be re-signed.

Also, to start the year, rumors were swirling about the Miami Heat trading for, then Houston Rocket superstar, James Harden . Robinson and fellow teammate, Tyler Herro, were in trade rumors for the first time and you could tell it impacted them.

If you were in their shoes, you could see why both were pressing. After Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, you would think that the rumors would have gone but sadly for Robinson, they did not stop.

There were rumors about Robinson getting traded for Toronto Raptor star, Kyle Lowry, near the trade deadline too. As we know now, Robinson did not get traded, so his mind was finally in a good place.

Offensively and as stated before, Robinson’s shooting was up and down but one thing I would like to see more from him, if re-signed by the Miami Heat, is increased off-ball cutting because it would get him easier looks at the basket, both ways, as a cutter and a shooter with the defense not being able to overplay him as much. Robinson is also a sneaky good finisher as well, which plays right into that.

Offensive Grade – A

The thing that was really pleasing though was Robinson becoming a better defender. It was a sight to see him being better than last year.

For example, something that caught my eye was during the end of the year, as Robinson had back to back defensive possessions that were very impressive against Boston Celtic star, Jayson Tatum. As far as the defense stands, he’s no lockdown defender, but he improved this season.

At the very worst, he showed a much better understanding of where he needed to be on the defensive end and how to get in position most efficiently, though still with a tendency for silly fouls. During the playoffs we all know how bad Miami was, though Robinson had a amazing Game 1, with 24 points and shooting 7/13 from three.

Defensive Grade- C+

Again, Robinson had a up and down year with overall good shooting when it was all said and done. He also improved on defense and that can’t be said enough.

Robinson being a better defender will get him paid more and make it so that he can stay in the game longer, allowing him to finish games, ultimately and hopefully. I really hope Miami re-signs him this offseason, as he is such a key piece to their offense with all of his shooting and the spacing he provides.

Overall Grade – B 

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Let’s see how things go. If “fit” is most important to him, then he knows where the best place for him is.