Miami Heat: Taking A Very Hard Look At T.J. McConnell Just Makes Sense

Goran Dragic #7 of the Miami Heat is defended by T.J. McConnell #9 of the Indiana Pacers(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Goran Dragic #7 of the Miami Heat is defended by T.J. McConnell #9 of the Indiana Pacers(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

This upcoming offseason will be a big one for the Miami Heat, who we all know will have their names mentioned in any big rumor. But, let’s say Miami does land a star, how would they fill out the rest off there roster?

Well, Miami could start by looking at Jimmy Butler‘s former teammate and friend, T.J. McConnell. It’s not the flashy move, but again, McConnell is a solid player who provides Miami nice depth, a new face, scrappiness, defensive tenacity, and injects a bit more energy into that locker room.

McConnell has been a pain in Miami’s you know what sense I can remember and he fills a need for them. McConnell is also really good at making the opposing team’s ball handler’s life hell.

It’s a bit direct, but it’s all true and really that simple. McConnell, last year, averaged 1.9 steals per game.

That was just a click up under the league-leader in the category, again, his friend and the Miami Heat’s own Jimmy Butler, who came in at 2.1 steals per game to close the year. McConnell always picks up full-court and makes you work to get into your offense.

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The Miami Heat will be looking to shake things up a bit this offseason and there is no better shaker that Jimmy Butler’s pal, T.J. McConnell.

Miami hasn’t had someone like that in a long time and it’s about time that they add a full-on and outright pest back to their roster. Miami’s locker room was dull last year until they added Dewayne Dedmon and signing McConnell would surely constitute that excitement from the beginning.

At the very least, it’ll shake some things up. McConnell is the rare teammate that really loves supporting his teammates, again, which is rare to see during any professional sports.

Butler loves McConnell though, which would mean he would definitely co-sign bringing along his buddy on the team. There is one thing though and especially for a guard in today’s league.

McConnell doesn’t shoot threes at all, though at 31 percent this past season when he did, which is a downer but to be fair, that’s not why he is in the game nor the reason why you would even have him in the game. With Goran Dragic‘s remaining time in Miami questionable at the moment, McConnell could fill in a role off the bench.

He’s obviously not a scoring guard but McConnell is a squirrelly finisher at the rim. Miami is making a lot of changes this offseason and not that I know anything but just getting the sense from rumors around the league, the Miami Heat are really going to flip this roster upside down.

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They will need to fill in the cracks from the fallout though and getting McConnell would be a nice get for them. Not only does he add something on the court, he’s probably a Miami Heat type of guy, if you really think about it and you could always use as many of those as possible to battle beside you in the trenches of the court and inside the locker room.