Miami Heat Rumors: The Tyler Herro Trade Scenario Runs Deep

Tyler Herro #14 of the Miami Heat dribbles against Gordon Hayward(Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)
Tyler Herro #14 of the Miami Heat dribbles against Gordon Hayward(Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) /
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Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro (14) drives to the basket on Portland Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic (27)(Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports) /

If the Miami Heat do move on from Tyler Herro, it won’t be because he’s a bad player.

As stated by Skolnick, he may not fit the timeline of the Miami Heat’s two main guys. Though he and Bam Adebayo are very close and could fit each other’s timeline, Bam apparently is “closer” to being on Jimmy’s timeline and they wouldn’t dare trade him, so Tyler is the guy here.

So, there is that. Is it more than that though?

Perhaps it just a situation where the whole thing has reached a peakPerhaps, Tyler peaked to early in Miami?

One would imagine that the major question at hand among most is this. Should they consider trading him, in any scenario?

Well, that answer isn’t a simple and clean-cut one. This is the best way to answer that though.

Being that he seems to be their only real asset, if there is a deal the definitely makes you better or where one of those kinds of guys is involved, a can’t-miss guy like Damian Lillard in example, then you do it. In another example, if there was a deal for James Harden last season and though whether you want James Harden on your team or not is a separate issue, when it comes to the nature and makeup of a deal, you make ones like that.

Again, with whether Harden is your taste or not being irrelevant for these purposes, he is one of those guys, if that makes sense. On the other hand though, you don’t do a deal just for the sake of doing it.

You don’t do a deal with Tyler Herro, simply, to shake things up. If a deal doesn’t lead to or seemingly appears to lead to a a clear improvement, it shouldn’t be made.

The fact of it all is this. Herro is still very talented, still has a high floor, and a very manageable contract. At worst, he’s a key rotational guy right now on a manageable deal but at best, he’s a blossoming star.

That’s, of course, when he’s right. Now, will the Miami Heat actually move him this offseason?

That does, indeed, seem likely. With all of the chatter you are hearing about the topic right now, it seems inevitable.

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Keep your eyes open though, because as has been stated since the first-round sweep to the Bucks, this is going to be a wild offseason. Especially for Pat Riley and the Miami Heat.