Miami Heat Rumors: What if Dame Lillard Does Request Trade From Portland?

Miami Heat, Damian Lillard.(Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat, Damian Lillard.(Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard (0) puts up a shot around Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro (14)(Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat might really have a chance at Damian Lillard, at least, that’s what the reports are indicating.

The Miami Heat may have a chance to land Damian Lillard, if these reports are any indication. Here is a report from the Haynes report.

"The enormous backlash from the Portland Trail Blazers’ process to hire a new coach and his concerns on whether a championship contender can be built have become factors that may push the franchise player — Damian Lillard — out the door, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Lillard has remained loyal to Portland in large part due to the tremendous fan base. But over the last few days, he’s seen some of those same fans attacking him on social media for a pending coaching hire he played no part in consummating, sources said."

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Haynes also went on to note that though Lillard does share a relationship with the new coaching hire, former NBA champion, analyst, and current NBA Assistant Coach, Chauncey Billups, he doesn’t have any knowledge of an alleged sexual assault from the 90’s that has drawn the negative attention of some of the fans in Portland.

The details are the details, but with that, you have to take the report for what it is. There is a chance that he could be out of the door in Portland and more sooner than later.

What would it take to land Damian Lillard though? That would be a mega-package that you have to wonder if the Miami Heat can muster up right now.

There is no doubt that it would include Tyler Herro, but what else would be there? That’s another set of questions to be answered but again and based on these reports, Pat Riley and the Miami Heat had better start getting their ducks in a row.