Miami Heat NBA Draft: Is The Social Media Team Trying To Say Something?

Miami Heat general manager Pat Riley during the 2019 NBA All-Star Game(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat general manager Pat Riley during the 2019 NBA All-Star Game(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat, infamously at this point, don’t have any picks in Thursday night’s NBA Draft. Well, that’s as of yet, as Pat Riley and the Miami Heat are known to be able to shake things up, make the calls happen, and get some things done.

While the running thought among Miami Heat fans is that, at the very least, Riles will find a way to get back into the second round or take an undrafted guy to plop into the Heat’s talented and revered development program, they may surprise us all. Well, not “us all”.

Somebody or a group of bodies, that is, might know a bit more about what the plans are. If you pay real close attention, you have probably already seen this.

The Miami Heat’s social media team may be leaving bread crumbs for the fans to follow. Here’s one of their latest posts to Twitter.

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The Miami Heat don’t have a pick in Thursday night’s draft, as of yet. That doesn’t mean they won’t get one though.

It’s turn us all into Hansel & Gretel.

Well, there is it. The Miami Heat put this little tidbit of energy out into the atmosphere this morning and if everything else you know about the Miami Heat is correct, they don’t just do things for no reason.

There are two possibilities here. There is something real happening, in either situation.

Either, the Miami Heat are actually in talks, close, or can see the possibility of trading back into this draft on the horizon or… it’s a smokescreen. If the latter is true, then they are sending a mixed signal or so to a team or several teams, in order that said team can’t predict or know too much about how they plan to move.

This would keep the Heat with as much leverage as possible when making moves. It’s all strategic, trust and believe.

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Nothing happens for no reason and especially when you are talking about the Miami Heat. While this may be a stretch and a deep read into something that doesn’t even exists, it won’t be shocking when something happens either.

The bread crumbs have been laid out.