Miami Heat: Is It Bold To Predict Udonis Haslem Minutes In 2021-22?

Every year, Miami Heat faithful and mainly, those on Twitter, lose their minds over the Miami Heat bringing back Udonis Haslem. Honestly, I don’t think people are actually that mad at the actual fact of bringing him back.

It’s just being “fake mad”, from this side looking in. How are you that mad about Miami bringing back the “OG”?

Fans and online users, alike, just like to act like they are outraged for some odd reason. How could you ever be mad at the Miami Heat brining back their most loyal player in franchise history?

My favorite memory from this past season was when Haslem got into an altercation with Dwight Howard. Of course it was Howard, who is one of the fakest tough guys in the league.

You are not going to punk Haslem though, ever in life and let alone, on the basketball court. Why can’t the Miami Heat have him do this more often?

The Miami Heat might need an ‘enforcer’s’ touch during the regular season, with all their talent and title aspirations. With that, is that a role for Udonis Haslem?

In fact and with their talent, grit, and title-aspirations this season, it might just be neccessary. That leads here.

Bold Prediction: There Are Minutes To Be Had For UD This Season, Especially, In An Enforcer’s Type Of Role

Haslem is the 15th man on the roster and over the past couple of years, Miami has not used him much. Why not use him more often when Miami is lacking energy or getting killed on the boards?

Why cant Haslem play for a quick 2-3 minute stretch? I think it’s something that Head Coach, Erik Spoelstra, should look into more often.

I know this sounds barbaric but if the opposing team is having a player do too much to impact the game against Miami or without intervention, as Howard was for instance, send Haslem in for a good old fashioned hard foul. Nothing dirty, just a physical foul that isn’t flagrant.

If anyone can do it, because he’s seen the transition in the league so closely, it’s him. Again, you might need that with this type of team and though a third-fiddle in the East or not, they are surely among the NBA’s Hunted.

Miami has had Haslem on the bench for awhile now. If he is still on the roster, then let’s use him.

Especially, when guys like Howard are being overly-physical, send in Haslem to make it be known that it’s not flying anymore. Miami has an aura around their organization of being run like a “mafia”, with Pat Riley being The Godfather and whatnot, and what does the mob do in all the movies?

They send in their muscle when things are getting out of hand. Miami can give Haslem spot minute’s for a quick bolt of energy in that fashion.

Be “fake mad”. Everyone wants more Haslem moments though, surely.