Miami Heat: Is Tyler Herro Still Right On Schedule?

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Miami Heat

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro (14) attempts a shot over Cleveland Cavaliers forward Taurean Prince
(Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports)

The Miami Heat will need all of their guys to be their best selves in the coming season. Not only will they be the hunted, but with good reason, as they are talented and a title-contender.

A huge part of whether they can actually get that done or not will be the play of Tyler Herro. A guy that many had a ton to say about last year, not all good, Herro has a plenty to prove in the coming season.

The reason, though, that there was a ton to be said about him last season is because he regressed in the eyes of some. For starters and to frame the rest of take here, his statistical numbers increased, with minimal efficiency drop-off where it most mattered.

Even still though, if you take a look at the scenario and in totality, not just in the bite-sized pieces that social media or the internet may present, the story is actually quite simple. So is the answer to the question at hand, for that matter.

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