Miami Heat: Legend And Champion, Ray Allen, Talking Shooters Up

The Miami Heat have been fortunate enough to have been the home of some of the greatest talents that the league has ever seen. Though many and yes, too many to name, guys like Dwyane Wade, the greatest Miami Heat player ever, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Alonzo Mourning, Tim Hardaway, and a slew of other guys have all called that place home.

While some of them have, few of them have had a singular bigger moment than the next guy on the list. That would be one of the league’s greatest shooters, ever and a Hall Of Famer, Ray Allen.

In case you case you are confused about that moment, here is your reminder. Also, here’s a hint… Famous Mike Breen Call. 

Well, on Wednesday, that championship pedigree, knowledge, and fortitude was made available to some of the Heats recent generation of marksmen.

The Miami Heat have had quite the list of great players during their time as a franchise. Few of them have had a bigger singular moment than Ray Allen though.

According to Miami Heat local media, the Heat champion and NBA legend was in attendance at practice and seen chatting up two of the Miami Heat’s most deadly outside shooters at this current moment.

It does, indeed, give the “feels”, the “goosebumps”, “goosepimples”, “Chills”, or whatever else it is that you might call that feeling. You know, that one where the little bumps on your skin become embossed and your hairs stand up.

Yea, that feeling. What on Earth could thee shooter that is Ray Allen, Jesus Shuttlesworth to some,  be telling those two guys?

Who knows, but if it’s about shooting, it’s certainly valuable intel. Here is a bit of what was discussed, per Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Duncan Robinson says his conversation with Ray Allen mostly focused on preparation and process, more than specific shot coaching.

Well, whatever it was, Duncan should take it into full consideration and to heart. If it came from that guy, it can only help.

Hopefully, both Duncan Robinson and Max Strus have a chance to make some of their own classic moments like that one of Ray Allen’s. Perhaps, he could tell them how to do that.

Everyone can dream, right?