Miami Heat Rumors: Is It Already Buyout Season For Them?

The Miami Heat’s season hasn’t officially kicked off yet and there are already buyout rumors buzzing around the league. It’s all mere speculation, but moves could be made very soon.

Marvin Bagley III was reportedly told he was not in the opening night rotation for the Sacramento Kings. Bagley is in his fourth year, has already expressed that he wants out, and apparently, Sacramento does too.

Since Bagley is on a smaller deal, making $11.3M this year, he could be potentially bought out and especially since the value on him is low. The Heat have 14 players on standard contracts so this could lead to Bagley filling out that 15th spot.

The Miami Heat should look into a big like Bagley because he’s still a young prospect. Only 22 years old, the guy still has something to prove.

The Miami Heat still have an open slot and with guys looking to be on the outs with their current teams, there could be action there. Should they though?

We’ve seen a similar situation with Kevin Porter Jr. From throwing food in the locker room, leading to belief that he wasn’t mature enough for an NBA spot, he gets moved to Houston for a measly second round pick.

The Heat have Markieff Morris at the back up power forward spot and it could be a wise move to have Bagley as a safety net, just in case it doesn’t work out. Bagley could benefit from a guy like Herro, who likes to come off screens and shoot.

You can’t really go wrong if he’s bought out and neither with the next guy. The last player that was linked to Miami (subscription required) is John Wall.

This could be a little less likely for the Heat. For one, that contract is a massive buyout and two, if he does get bought out, he might look for a better opportunity to start.

If he does choose Miami, I still think there is potential in the pick up. Last year in Houston, he didn’t have the most efficient season, but I still think he showed that he has something left in the tank.

Right now, Gabe Vincent is the back up point guard for the Heat and he’s not the worst option, but I do think Wall could be able to penetrate more to kick out to shooters like Herro and Strus.

If Wall doesn’t work out, at least you get him on a lower contract and not the $41.25M. That is still a lot of money to say out loud and I’d be shocked if Houston buys him out.

Although, you never really know what some teams are willing to do to get rid of a player. It’s safe to say that Pat Riley will be watching.