Miami Heat: Tyler Herro Has To Always Be Involved In The Closing Moments

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Miami Heat

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) attempts a free throw against the Washington Wizards
(Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports)

In an unconventional loss to Washington on Saturday, the Miami Heat took their foot off the gas in an outcome that seemed to be within their grasps.

Up 63-47 and with under seven minutes remaining in the fourth, the Heat squandered a 24-point second half lead. following several defensive miscues and ill-advised fouls.

Of course, the officiating was another part of it, as it’ll always factor into wins and losses but the reality is that Miami had a slew of opportunities to come away with a road win.

However, they simply just couldn’t.

Nonetheless, Washington should receive some credit for storming back, as they took a 103-100 lead with twelve seconds remaining. Shortly after, the Heat gave the final shot to Jimmy Butler, who was just one point shy of achieving a third straight 30 point night.

He would take a potential game-tying three pointer over Montrezl Harrell that missed before time expired.

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