Miami Heat: P.J. Tucker Is Playing Some Of The Best Ball Of His Career

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Miami Heat

P.J. Tucker #17 of the Miami Heat looks to pass the ball during the second half against the Washington Wizards
(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)

There are certain guys that have always seemed, from afar, to be a great fit for what the Miami Heat are and want to do. Jimmy Butler was that way before arriving in South Florida.

Kyle Lowry is, without a doubt, another guy that perfectly slides into that mold. The Miami Heat also feature another guy that seems as though he’s always been destined to play right where he is.

That would be P.J. Tucker. Perhaps indicative of the fact and definitely not a coincidence, at the very least, he also just so happens to be playing some of the best basketball of his career.

His numbers are among the same as his career highs or close, with his fourth highest scoring, his fifth highest rebounding, and tied for his third highest assist season thus far.

You could also go as so far as to say that this might be his most productive and winningest situation, combined, outside of his 20-game Championship stint with Milwaukee last year.

He wasn’t as productive, but how can you knock a title. Also and yes, he had some pretty good years with the Rockets, but he didn’t seem to do as much with them as he has been freed up to do in Miami.

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