A ‘Need’ Has Helped To Strengthen The Miami Heat’s Depth

The Miami Heat were one of the deeper teams coming into the season. It was thought all along that their depth would be one of their strong suits and that their second unit could actually be a weapon for them.

That was the case for much of the season to start, with their bench play being a great part of what helped separate them from other teams from night to night. As the year has progressed though, the Miami Heat, like many other teams, have experienced injury and mass absence with the Health And Safety Protocols.

For that reason, what was once just a raw strength of the team and something that gave them an edge over others, has now become an essential part of what makes them tick on a night-to-night basis.

It goes deeper than just being able to help them along now though.

The Miami Heat have had to go deep into their rotation this season and early. That ‘need’ to play those guys has helped strengthen their depth.

Specifically, when you look at how a guy like Duncan Robinson has struggled this season and though not due to injury, Max Strus has stepped up to give the Miami Heat what they need from the outside.

The same could be said for Gabe Vincent. Not only has he provided an outside shooting and scoring presence, but he seems to also have things bettered figured out as a playmaker.

With Kyle Lowry down, they’ll need him to keep coming up big and seizing his opportunity. Missing Bam Adebayo after thumb surgery, Dewayne Dedmon was doing a really good job at filling in.

He then tweaked a knee in a contest a few games ago, resulting in a sprain that should keep him out another week or so. Omer Yurtseven was the only true big left on the roster, meaning he had to step up, and he did.

He came up with a huge double-double to help the Miami Heat get their last win over Orlando. That’s what they’ll all have to continue to do, especially with the Heat banged up like they are.

That’s also how a ‘need’ for players to help sustain injury and absence has helped them to strengthen their overall depth as a team. When they are whole and healthy, they’ll be all the better for it.