Miami Heat: This Is Actually What You Love To See From Omer Yurtseven

Omer Yurtseven #77 of the Miami Heat blocks a dunk by Miles Bridges #0 of the Charlotte Hornets(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Omer Yurtseven #77 of the Miami Heat blocks a dunk by Miles Bridges #0 of the Charlotte Hornets(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat got a very inspired showing from their guys on Tuesday night. Coming out to beat the Charlotte Hornets at their own game, outscoring them, 144-115, in the contest, the Miami Heat would do so en route to setting a new franchise record for threes made in a game at 23.

Tyler Herro would sink threes, Caleb Martin would sink threes, Duncan Robinson would sink threes, and hey, even Jimmy Butler would sink a few too.

With everyone feeling it from range, it’s easy to see how they would score those 144 points, the second-highest total points scored in a game across Miami Heat franchise history by the way, that they did on Tuesday night. Even with all of the fireworks though, the massive scoring, and the barrage of range shots, there were some other guys and some other stuff that really stood out.

If you are wondering what some of that other stuff might be, good because here is some of it. Miami Heat reserve big man, Omer Yurtseven, made a play on an opposing shot attempt, a rim-rocking slam dunk to be fair, that was a bit controversial.

The Miami Heat showed up big on Tuesday, on the scoreboard and then in the wins column. One of the Heat bigs showed something you love to see as well.

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Here is the play in question.

While it was called a foul on the floor, which is the controversial part because it could have gone either way, you don’t mind that. In the very worst-case scenario on classification, this was a good foul.

For one, you don’t let a guy embarrass you if you can prevent it in a safe manner, from an overall collision and aerial aspect of it. Secondly, it’s exactly the kind of thing you need to see from The Big Yurt.

A naturally gifted finisher around the rim, passer, and rebounder, Yurtseven has to improve on defense and in his alertness. This play shows a bit of both.

This is the mentality that he needs to play with. The energy, the aggression, the want-to, the physicality, and the sheer attitude of this play displays the mindset that’ll take him to the next level as a player.

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That stands anywhere around the league, but especially if it’s to be long-term for the Miami Heat. Again, the play was called a foul on the floor, but when it comes to his development in the long haul, this is exactly the type of thing you love to see from Omer Yurtseven.