Miami Heat: Coach Spo Says These Games Are Where History Is Written

Head Coach Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat reacts against the Boston Celtics(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Head Coach Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat reacts against the Boston Celtics(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat have a tall task in front of them as they head into Game 6 of their Eastern Conference Finals matchup. Fighting uphill, in a hostile environment, and all while they aren’t at their healthiest, the Miami Heat have to come out with a mentality that few franchises would be able to muster up.

These aren’t excuses, it’s the reality. Luckily, this is one of those franchises that can summon the effort.

They must be prepared to outwork the opposition for 48 minutes. Kenny “The Jet” Smith of Turner Sports and The NBA ON TNT broadcast crew has made an interesting observation about the Miami Heat during this postseason.

It’s something that everyone that follows the Miami Heat should know, but something often unsaid or mentioned in the public sector. Most teams are “at their best” when they are clicking on offense, while the Miami Heat are at their best when they are beating you with their defense.

That’s what they must do on Friday in Game 6 to force a Game 7 on Sunday. That doesn’t mean it’ll be easy though.

The Miami Heat face an uphill battle on Friday night. Facing elimination, they must walk into TD Garden and beat the Celtics to stay alive and force a Game 7.

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Heck, it shouldn’t be. You can’t have the types of moments that Coach Spoelstra referenced in a media session on Friday if were easy.

Here is what he said.

"This is when you feel most alive, you’re on the brink… you want to embrace this opportunity and challenge… this is where the history of the league is written."

He wasn’t alone in those sentiments though. The team certainly feels that way and they understand it.

You can be sure that every guy on that roster knows what Game 6 means and what they will have to do to win it. Now, they can’t have another game like the ones they just played prior to this one, Games 4 and 5, but it still can be done.

Yes, the Miami Heat have to make some of their threes. They can’t go 7/45 from out there and get it done.

Yes, the Miami Heat can’t miss nearly 60 percent of their shots either and still get it done (30-94 from the field in Game 5). But—it can still be done.

They just have to go out there and be the hardest working team for 48 minutes. They were that for 24 minutes in Game 5 and it showed on the floor and the scoreboard.

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They just have to do it for two halves to walk away victorious. Only time will tell though, won’t it?