Miami Heat NBA Draft: Pat Riley Posturing Or Pulling A ‘Pat Riley’

President Pat Riley of the Miami Heat talks to former player Dwyane Wade during the Miami Heat Dwyane Wade L3GACY Celebration (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
President Pat Riley of the Miami Heat talks to former player Dwyane Wade during the Miami Heat Dwyane Wade L3GACY Celebration (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat are officially moving along to the offseason business of it all. With the NBA and Miami Heat Godfather, Pat Riley, officially giving his end-of-the-season press conference on Monday, we can begin to look towards a strategy for next season.

With all of the business there is to handle, from Tyler Herro‘s playing position, as a starter or off the bench, to what moves this roster might see, to making sure they can retain key pieces (looking at you P.J. Tucker), there are a ton of things to sink one’s teeth into.

However, Pat Riley did broach a topic that is soon to be the event that consumes the NBA World. While the NBA Finals are the toast of NBA conversation right now and rightfully so, the talk of the town will be the newest crop of NBA players in about three weeks.

With the NBA Draft set for June 23rd, the Miami Heat currently own the 27th pick in the coming draft. Before moving too far along though, here is a famous quote from Riley on this event from back in 2018.

You know, this one. It came from his end-of-season press conference after that season.

The Miami Heat are officially in ‘offseason mode’ and that means a few things. One of them, though, is the NBA Draft and how they’ll actually approach it.

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"“To be really honest with you, I’m not a draft pick guy,” Riley said in his post-season press conference at the end of April. “You know that.”"

So, that’s why a sentiment from his most recent end-of-season address from Monday may seem a bit confusing.

Don’t let that confuse you though. The man is a wizard.

He plays the game of life and this whole basketball thing like chess. He’s always thinking a few moves ahead of most others.

That’s why you have to realize that this could be one of two things. He could actually and simply be telling the truth about how he sees that pick being used by the Heat.

At the time of his prior quote in 2018, the Miami Heat were in a place where draft picks weren’t the sexiest thing or the most immediate way to get them back into contention.

Needing a few tweaks here and there now though, a guy at that 27th spot could be a necessary piece or addition to a rotation that was a late-game Jimmy Butler attempt from range away from a second NBA Finals berth in just three years.

The man is a chameleon and is as malleable as they come. That’s a huge part of what makes Riley so great.

Across generations, eras, trends, and much roster turnover, he has consistently found a way to keep the Miami Heat relevant, for the most part. Have little fear, he will only continue to do that and this is how it all goes.

He could be displaying complete transparency. He could be posturing for what his true plans are.

Either way, just know that he will make the moves that are best. Now, there are some guys out there too that could help the Heat in that draft spot, so, keep that in mind.

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However, we just have to wait and see what actually happens. One thing is for certain, Pat Riley will continue to be the man stirring the pot and the meal is always a good one if he’s the cook, trust.