NBA Draft: Could Hyunjung Lee Be The Next Miami Heat Gem?

Hyunjung Lee #1 of the Davidson Wildcats drives to the basket(Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Hyunjung Lee #1 of the Davidson Wildcats drives to the basket(Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images) /
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Hyunjung Lee #1 of the Davidson Wildcats scores two against the Michigan State Spartans(Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images) /

Miami Heat NBA Draft: Hyunjung Lee Has Same Tools They Have Maximized Recently

Whether that be physically, mentally, or actually on the court, the Miami Heat, typically, get the most out of guys.

While they still have work to do on guys like Max Strus, Tyler Herro, and the namesake comparison in Duncan Robinson, they have proceeded to help make all of those guys stronger, more physically adept, and better defenders.

Though you can’t say that it won’t be an issue at all, no team would be able to better help him along and more quickly than the Miami Heat. With that addressed though, here is why there might be a fit.

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It has everything to do with the guys just mentioned, specifically Strus and Robinson. Lee seems to come into the pro process with a very similar profile.

He might not be as big as Duncan or as athletic as Strus, but he’s somewhere in the middle. The thing that really jumps out at you though is the fact that he’s a near-elite marksman.

The Miami Heat always know what to do with a shooter of this magnitude. If they do decide to move back into the second round or can get it done in some way, Lee should be in play for them.

Being ranked as the 64th best prospect by Vecenie, there’s a chance he could go undrafted. However, if you are the Miami Heat and he’s sitting around from the middle to later picks in the second, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to pull the trigger.

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He just might be the next great Miami Heat gem. Plus, if they do decide to try and get off Duncan Robinson’s deal in a trade, this guy has the tools to do exactly what Duncan has done for himself.