Miami Heat: Caleb Martin Deal A Pretty Good One For Both Sides

Miami Heat forward Caleb Martin (16) shoots the ball against Atlanta Hawks forward Danilo Gallinari (8)(Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat forward Caleb Martin (16) shoots the ball against Atlanta Hawks forward Danilo Gallinari (8)(Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat finally got something else done! With a lack of movement or seeming traction when it comes to a potential move for Kevin Durant, the Miami Heat made another signing official on Wednesday afternoon.

Needing to be sure to bring back their own and especially after losing P.J. Tucker to the Philadelphia 76ers at the top of free agency, the Miami Heat did what they had to do to keep the athletically electric swingman, Caleb Martin, in the fold.

Here are the terms of the deal.

Signing for $20.5 million over the course of three years, the deal is fully guaranteed. Using their midlevel exception, as alluded to by Chiang above, the Miami Heat avoided going into hard cap territory by getting it done this way.

Here are some more benefits of the deal though. First off, the Miami Heat kept a core part of last year’s team and a guy that can do a ton for them.

The Miami Heat needed to get Caleb Martin back in the mix, both to continue improving and to maintain pace. They did too and on a good deal for both sides.

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He can slot in anywhere from the two through four positions, while he is an improving ball-handler and perimeter shooter. His athleticism is always a welcomed trait, as any guy who can make his body do something that most others can’t always give his team a boost.

When it comes to the money, the Miami Heat might’ve actually come close to steal territory. Though it’s costing them $20 million across three seasons, Martin’s brother, Cody Martin, got $32 million across four years.

Now, while that doesn’t have much to do with the Miami Heat, it is a fair comparison of what Martin could have gotten on the open market. With Caleb being, arguably, the better player between the two at this point and the more athletic one by a long way, meaning his potential is a bit higher due to that alone, they got a better player for cheaper.

There is also this. Regardless of what the other offers were, no team gets the most out of or more out of their guys than the Miami Heat.

It’s not unfair to assume that Martin’s best will be seen as a member of the Miami Heat. It’s also not crazy to assume that because you assume he could have gotten more on the open market, that he took the midlevel exception money because it was the Miami Heat.

Hey, the guy was a two-way guy fighting for a roster spot last season. And now, the Miami Heat have managed to help him become a wealthy man.

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It’s great for both parties and these are the reasons why. Now, just go get Kevin Durant—if you will.