Miami Heat rumors: Cam Reddish could be a smart risk to take

New York Knicks forward Cam Reddish (21) controls the ball in front of Miami Heat guard Kyle Lowry (7)(Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports)
New York Knicks forward Cam Reddish (21) controls the ball in front of Miami Heat guard Kyle Lowry (7)(Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat’s offseason hasn’t been the slowest, however, it also hasn’t been the fastest. While they brought back a few of their guys thus far, losing one of them in P.J. Tucker to the 76ers or the Houston Rockets 2.0: Liberty Bell Edition, the Miami Heat haven’t done a ton in the way of adding new pieces to the roster.

In fact, they haven’t added any. And to be frank, you understand it.

In the pursuit of Kevin Durant—or something similar on the NBA trade market, the Miami Heat have tempered their moves to maintain flexibility. That’s, not only, the smart move, but the one that must be taken in order to ensure they are capable of being in and staying in any talks for the acquisition of another high-impact player.

With that though, there comes a bit of stagnancy. And just like the Miami Heat brain trust has to do when it comes to potential negotiations, those that follow and support the team must exercise a similar characteristic.

The Miami Heat are still waiting for the Kevin Durant talks to play out. However, if they have a chance to go get a Cam Reddish, it’s a worthy risk.

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While that is the case, perhaps the following little nugget can bring a bit of excitement. It isn’t anything mega, yet, but could be if it happens and pans out.

The 10th overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, Cam Reddish hasn’t quite been able to reach the potential that many saw for him entering college and leaving out of Duke into the league. While he is still a very young man, just 22 years old, he hasn’t ascended in the way that many have thought he would.

Just fitting in, for the most part, during most of his early time in Atlanta, he did start to come out of his shell more in the twilight of his time with the Hawks. He is big, skilled, decently athletic, and has shown an increasingly improving outside jumpshot, though he wasn’t very good in his New York time this past season.

When it comes to a young guy like Reddish with such amazing NBA tools, you have to still believe there is something left there worthy of taking the risk. That’s especially when you are a team like the Miami Heat, an organization that specializes in taking undervalued assets and helping them show their worth.

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They get the absolute most out of every guy that comes aboard. So, while the big prize is still Kevin Durant or another star, Cam Reddish would also be a smart risk to to make.