Miami Heat Rumors: Brain Trust Pulling Levers In Vegas For Kevin Durant Jackpot

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant (7) takes a shot against Miami Heat guard Gabe Vincent (2)( Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports)
Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant (7) takes a shot against Miami Heat guard Gabe Vincent (2)( Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat are a clever bunch of brains. While that certainly applies to the team and product they try to put out on the court, year in and year out, it definitely applies to the guys that go about finding, identifying, and acquiring the talent that makes up the product.

In the midst of a hunt for a whale, Kevin Durant in this case, the Miami Heat are surely getting as tricky as they can to make it happen.

While there hasn’t seemed to be much movement on the front recently, other than the Nets publicly making it known that they are seeking the house, the barn, and the entire rest of the farm for his services, there seems to be something of note going down.

The Miami Heat are firmly in the mix for the services of Kevin Durant. With slow movement recently, the levers are being pulled in Vegas for the KD jackpot.

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That doesn’t seem strange at all though, does it? Nope, not one little bit.

Besides being that time of year when the NBA world descends upon Sin City for a summer getaway and the chance to see some of the younger talent or NBA hopefuls progress in their journeys, it’s basically a networking event for NBA decision-makers.

Whether that’s building a bond for future job opportunities or setting yourself up to make a deal, of some sort, with another franchise, it’s a prime opportunity to do so. The latter is what the concern is for the Miami Heat right now.

And to be clear, this is reportedly more than just a little in-passing chatty chat between two execs. They made it a point to be able to have a real discussion and here is why you say that.

Ah, the power of food! Many a thing has been hashed out over a good meal!

Hopefully, this is another one of those instances.

You love that the Miami Heat are quietly working behind the scenes to do all they can to land the big one, as if you would think anything different, but you love even more the Miami Heat approach that they are taking.

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You don’t hear much, but when you do, it’s always something direct and exciting. If there is real conversation happening, which there is according to Jackson’s reporting—real movement might not be that far behind.