Miami Heat: Chris Bosh joins in latest Twitter ‘if I text you’ trend

Ray Allen #34 of the Miami Heat celebrates with teammate Chris Bosh #1(Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images)
Ray Allen #34 of the Miami Heat celebrates with teammate Chris Bosh #1(Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat are busy going about the business of their offseason, trying to build the best roster that might be able to help take them back to the promised land of an NBA title.

While Jimmy Butler and the rest of the crew were a mere few inches away from being able to get it done on their own last season, via Butler’s late-game three-point attempt, adding another impact player to the roster extends those chances just that much more.

Well, there’s that and looking out over the rest of the league, especially the Eastern Conference, where several competitors have added impact pieces to their teams. You could go Malcolm Brogdon to Boston, the Heat losing P.J. Tucker to Philly, and even a few more.

While the Miami Heat brain trust sorts through the arduous work surrounding that whole thing, everyone else is enjoying the offseason—or just life, in general, in some instances. Without an offseason to consider, per se, former Miami Heat champion and core member of the Big 3 Era, Chris Bosh, decided to have some fun.

The Miami Heat are a franchise with a few classic moments under their belts. However, few are more iconic than Chris Bosh’s rebound and kick to Ray Allen.

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He did so by getting in on the latest trend to take over social media, Twitter, specifically. That trend involves typing the phrase “if I text you” followed by an emoji, which is then conveyed or interpreted to mean something hilarious, shocking, memorable, all of the aforementioned, or any number of other expressions.

For Chris Bosh, his is just iconic. Check this out.

In reference to his epic and iconic rebound that ultimately led to the Miami Heat’s second consecutive NBA title during the Big 3 Era, Bosh would nail it.

He would nail the tweet, just as then-teammate and NBA all-timer, Ray Allen, would nail the long-range jumper to force a Game 7 in that NBA Finals series against the Spurs.

As alluded to, the Miami Heat would go on to win the NBA title that season and it wouldn’t have been possible without Ray Allen’s huge make there. However, that wouldn’t have been possible without the tough rebounding prowess of one Chris Bosh.

As far as his tweet, again, he nailed the trend. There are many out there at this point, but few are better than Bosh’s.

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It could be the creativeness behind the execution—or it could be the iconic nature of the moment in question. Either way it goes, Bosh’s rebound and Tweet-game here were both top tier.