Miami Heat Rumors: LaMarcus Aldridge not a game changer but could help

Brooklyn Nets center LaMarcus Aldridge (21) takes a shot against Miami Heat center Dewayne Dedmon (21)(Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports)
Brooklyn Nets center LaMarcus Aldridge (21) takes a shot against Miami Heat center Dewayne Dedmon (21)(Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat haven’t been able to make a needle-moving move on the trade front but with the season on the horizon, the ramp up at least, they must begin to look to continue to fill holes on the roster.

With P.J. Tucker leaving, one of the major areas of concern is still the power forward depth and rotation. While they have several options that could and should have a chance to step up in those minutes, none of them are a certainty at the moment, at least to be able to handle the four role for sustained amounts of time.

With that, it would be nice to get another guy or two in there if you are the Miami Heat.

And while there are some more flashy or higher-tiered names to consider chasing on a trade market that has come up empty so far for a Miami Heat whale, there is noise on a low-cost guy, at this point, that could come in and help the team.

Without Miami Heat trades to speak of, they must fill out the roster for the season. If the LaMarcus Aldridge noise is real, it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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"Aldridge is 37 now, it would not be a surprise if he decided on retiring. But he still can score. He still has some value out there. He would be a nice fit in Boston, just as a guy who can knock down some shots and step in when Rob Williams or Horford needs a break,” the executive told Deveney.“Bucks and Heat, too. Every team in the East, at the top of the East. Miami needs that one piece, that one big guy to push them over the top. Aldridge could take some of PJ Tucker’s minutes, though he is obviously not on the same level as a defender. But he can shoot it. Miami needs depth there. He’s not going to be a starter, but he can help."

LaMarcus Aldridge isn’t a sexy name anymore, but can still be effective after coming back to the NBA after a brief retirement. In just over 22.3 minutes played across 47 games for Brooklyn last season, Aldridge averaged 12.9 points, 5.5 rebounds, nearly an assist, and a block per game.

He is still a seven-footer, pretty much, and can still hit the jump shot. When you think about a small  Miami Heat team and one that has typically deployed their best big in Bam Adebayo, a 6’9″ guy, as a center, they could probably use a guy of Aldridge’s ilk.

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He provides size, a bit of rim protection, and versatility at a position that would allow you to play many different combinations of big men if Coach Spo so chose to. Again, it isn’t the sexy move or what you would have hoped for entering the offseason, but it’s not a bad pickup either if they are actually looking into it.