Miami Heat: Can this kind of Duncan Robinson confidence translate?

Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson (55) shoots the basketball against the Philadelphia 76ers(Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson (55) shoots the basketball against the Philadelphia 76ers(Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat have yet to make a move on the trade market and look to be getting more and more beyond the potential of making a splash move for a big name with every passing day.

Though there are and will be some lower-tiered moves to make on the trade market as things continue to unfold, that whale of a deal just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for the Miami Heat at the moment. That doesn’t mean they can’t improve though.

While that can occur through the further development of players and the heavier focus on weaknesses from one season to the next, it can occur in, at least, one more aspect as well. Guys can regain a certain form or certain swagger about them that seemed to be gone in a previous season.

That category would apply to a guy like Duncan Robinson. To be totally fair and transparent, his 37.2 percent range shooting on 7.9 attempts last season wasn’t bad, at all, but it wasn’t up to the standard he’s set for himself.

The Miami Heat haven’t added anyone via trade, but they haven’t subtracted either, namely Duncan Robinson. They shouldn’t though, as a resurgence awaits.

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It wasn’t up to the standard of his $18 million dollar annual contract value over five years that began last season. When a guy has consistently shot 40 percent or better from deep, 40.6 across his career, and just about 45 percent in 2019-20, you want him to be as close to that peak as possible.

With that part out of the way though, it seemed to be all about confidence for Robinson on last season. He seemed to be overthinking things, letting the deal get to his head, or even letting the slumpage itself bother him as it continued to compile.

Who knows what the root of it all was, but it seemed like a confidence thing. The shot is still pretty and the physical ability is still there.

He’s still nearly 6’8″ and still creates great action with his movement for looks. So, there has to be something to the mental aspect of it all.

This, from a recording of his podcast, might be a good sign on that front. Well, sort of and perhaps.

Noting how he thinks he’s one of the best ping pong players out there, Robinson stated that he bet a “game check” in a recent match against Orlando Magic forward and Robinson’s fellow Michigan Wolverine, Franz Wagner.

While there might be all types of exaggeration here, from the bet to how good of a player Robinson actually is on the ping pong table, there is one thing you can take from it. The guy certainly doesn’t seem to be lacking for confidence here.

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You just hope that translates back to the court as it did prior to this past season. He deserves a chance to bounce back and if his previous work is any indication, you should look for him to do just that.