Miami Heat: Victor Oladipo looking confident in game heading into season

Victor Oladipo #4 of the Miami Heat shoots the ball against the Boston Celtics(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Victor Oladipo #4 of the Miami Heat shoots the ball against the Boston Celtics(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat are perennially a team that competes, on a year-in and year-out basis. While that competing may not always be to the tune of an NBA Finals or deep playoff run, the Miami Heat are an organization that can never be accused of mailing it in.

That goes for a season, such as the ever-popular tanking scheme of sports today, or for a game, as they are never out of it until the final buzzer sounds.

Though they seemingly missed out on one of the largest NBA trade prizes in the history of the league this offseason in Kevin Durant, having a few holes to fill anyway along the roster without even factoring in Durant, they should still be one of the teams that make noise this year.

While they are returning most of their core from last season, besides a key guy in P.J. Tucker, they are also getting better internally. While improvement and development in their returning guys from year to year is always to be expected, one guy should come back with another extra little jolt of something.

There are a few improvements the Miami Heat could make. However, they have enough firepower to compete, especially with a confident Victor Oladipo.

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Experiencing great injury woes throughout his career thus far, Victor Oladipo is on the mend once again and looking to regain his status as an All-Star in the NBA. Coming on strong late last season and into the playoffs for the Miami Heat, he continues to show more and more growing confidence again in his game.

Here is a recent clip of Oladipo getting some run in. Apparently, he’s playing with Brooklyn Nets star guard, Kyrie Irving.

What you see in the above footage is a Victor Oladipo that isn’t tentative or hesitant. Though he isn’t going at NBA speed or intensity, he is showing faith and know-how in all the areas of his game that have gone into making him the player that he became before all of the injury stuff.

The Miami Heat still have improvements that they can and should look to make, without a doubt, but they can still compete until that happens.

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With what they’ll bring back and the returning confidence of a player like Victor Oladipo, they have enough to build on something that could be a top competitor again in the East.