Miami Heat: What to make of Kyle Lowry’s prickly response to Pat Riley

Kyle Lowry #7 of the Miami Heat is interviewed during media day at FTX Aren(Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)
Kyle Lowry #7 of the Miami Heat is interviewed during media day at FTX Aren(Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images) /

As the Miami Heat begin their training camp, fresh off of Media Day, there is tons to dive into. With storylines galore and actual fresh basketball content to analyze along the way, things will unfold left and right.

Then though, there are those situations where there are new developments on what has already occurred or has been occurring. With the offseason being over, for which the main part of the next equation revolves, there is one part that happened at the end of last season.

At the core of it all is Kyle Lowry and his conditioning from last season but surrounding that, in this particular instance, was how Miami Heat team president and NBA Godfather, Pat Riley, went about commenting on it. Here were a few of his thoughts that were seemingly pointed in that direction.

"He had a challenging year for a number of reasons. The bottom line with me is that you have to be in world class shape…He definitely is going to have to address that and it will be addressed. I think he can be in better shape."

The Miami Heat still have what it takes to contend with a few tweaks and improvements. Having Kyle Lowry in top shape should go a long way too.

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Well, as the Miami Heat’s opening day media session unfolded, Kyle Lowry had his chance to respond to those comments from Pat Riley. Well, though it didn’t seem like a direct response, it can best be described as his “answer” to what Pat Riley said, though he said he didn’t hear about it.

prickly response, at the very least, while you wouldn’t quite say “defensive”. However, Lowry doesn’t seem to lean into the words of one of the brightest basketball minds that the game has ever seen.

There isn’t one particular indication or cue that can be taken from this at the moment, though you do hope that Lowry has a better year than he does last year after having this type of energy for such a respected figure in Miami Heat history and lore.

You hope that he returns to some semblance of his top form, as the Miami Heat still have what it takes to make a run with just a few tweaks or improvements along the roster. And a peak form Kyle Lowry will go a long way towards helping ensure that.

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Of course, as motivated to do so by him and him only.