Has the Miami Heat’s ‘Duncan Robinson Era’ come to an end?

The Miami Heat have not gotten off to the season that many expected they would. They’ve had a hard time staying healthier this year as well.

They look flat, to be honest but like many, it’ safe to believe that the early season struggles are associated with the trade rumors of this past offseason. With names like Kevin Durant and Dovan Mitchell on Miami’s radar, that could, very well, be the issue.

It’s safe to assume that many of the current Miami Heat members thought they would not be here to start the season. The play on the floor has been bad on both sides of the court.

Miami probably needs to make a trade sooner or later and the guy that would probably most welcome a change of scenery is Duncan Robinson.

The Robinson Era in Miami has become fatiguing.

The Miami Heat need a jolt of some sort this season. Could they get it, while also getting off of Duncan Robinson’s big contract?

His second season in Miami was his coming out party.

He could do no wrong that year. He shot 44.6 percent from three.

He had a solid postseason run in the bubble as well, but for whatever reason, you just don’t see that same ability in Robinson anymore. You don’t want to say he lost his confidence as a shooter but it just seems that he has been overthinking when it comes to the ability to shoot from three.

And with that, it seems best that Miami look for a trade. Robinson, as a role player, is more of a “beta” personality and Miami role players need to be more “alpha” role players. Max Strus and Gabe Vincent come to mind.

Now, If Robinson can get his consistent form back from three then, of course, Miami should look to keep him. Though they probably won’t be able to move him due to his contract—is there a world where Miami can trade their bad contract to another team for their bad contract?

You look at a deal such as the Dallas Mavericks and the Washington Wizards last trade deadline. Dallas sent former All-Star big man, Kristaps Porzingis, and a protected 2022 second-round pick to Washington for guard Spencer Dinwiddie and forward Davis Bertans.

Could Miami work something out like this? You sure hope they can with Robinson.