3 Deals the Miami Heat might consider for Duncan Robinson

Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson (55) drives past Portland Trail Blazers forward Trendon Watford (2)(Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson (55) drives past Portland Trail Blazers forward Trendon Watford (2)(Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports) /

Has the Duncan Robinson Era come to a close for the Miami Heat? Yes, you get right to it here, but it seems that a change might be best for both parties.

Well, Duncan Robinson may find more opportunity elsewhere, while the Miami Heat may want to get off the money they paid him, though at what cost in a deal? Either way you look at it, it may be closer to them separating than them not.

And though there is nothing imminent, it’s worth considering if it were to happen. And with that—here are three potential trades that might be interesting.

Los Angeles Clippers – Duncan Robinson and a 2024 2nd-round pick for Nic Batum

Yes, the Los Angeles already have Luke Kennard but you can never have too much shooting, right? Batum has always been a “Heat Killer” throughout his years in the NBA.

For Miami, it’s a deal you do immediately. One, to get Robinson’s contract off the books and two, to get a player who can play as a big for you.

Batum is also still a solid shooter, especially from the corner.

The Miami Heat continue tinkering to strike the right chords. But when the music is finally correctly composed, will Duncan Robinson still have an instrument?

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Toronto Raptors – Duncan Robinson for Chris Boucher

Toronto would, most likely, not do this deal but it could make sense for both sides. Toronto is firmly in the bottom third of the league when it comes to three-point percentage.

It would then seem like a guy like Robinson could help them out in that department. Also, Toronto is so long and lengthy, defensively, that Robinson could ” hide” on that side of the ball for them.

For Miami, Boucher is exactly what they need at the four position. He is long and can switch onto or along the perimeter.

He can shoot the three, at times, but his main impact for the Miami Heat would probably be felt mostly on defense.

This one could really be a win-win for both sides.

Dallas Mavericks – Duncan Robinson and Victor Oladipo for Tim Hardaway Jr. and Josh Green

Tim Hardaway Jr. has been on Miami’s radar for the past couple of years. With Hardaway struggling to shoot the three-ball this year, could coming back home help him get back to a place of comfort?

With Robinson, perhaps, needing a change of scenery as well, a deal might work for all parties here too. Dallas just signed Kemba Walker to a deal but still would probably have an interest in Victor Oladipo as another guy to have the ball in his hands and can create off the dribble.

Green would be a nice get for Miami, a big guard with potential as a defender, shooter, and slasher, but would Dallas want to part ways with the young guy? Perhaps you might even entertain Robinson for Hardaway, straight up, if they aren’t.

Who knows what might really happen, but trades will come up, real or not. If you are a fan of the Heat or the Heat themselves, you can’t be that interested in giving up a draft pick along with Robinson if you are to move him.

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However, if you ask here, Miami really needs to find a way to get off the deal.