Tyler Herro seals the deal as Miami Heat get by Thunder in OKC, 110-108

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro (14) shoots against Oklahoma City Thunder guard Aaron Wiggins (21)(Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro (14) shoots against Oklahoma City Thunder guard Aaron Wiggins (21)(Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat would be playing the second game of a road trip on Wednesday night in Oklahoma City and facing off against the Thunder, they’d be without their best player in Jimmy Butler.

With Butler doing much of the closing in their last game, a win over the Indiana Pacers on the back of their defense, others would have to step up in his absence to get a needed road win.

And “others” would step up, as in all the others on the squad somewhat, as the Heat would have one of their best shooting halves and nights of the year. Making 16 of their 29 taken three-point shots, that would be good enough to go 55 percent shooting from range on the half, something OKC hasn’t ever allowed.

Carrying a 12-point lead into the half, 64-52, the Heat had a great chance to maintain firm control of this game right through until the end. But they could not do that.

The Miami Heat were on the road and without their best player, Jimmy Butler. But Tyler Herro stepped up to be that guy Wednesday when they needed it most.

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Allowing the Thunder to go on a massive run to open the third period., the Miami Heat found themselves in quite the dogfight as the game would continue to unfold. That’s ok though, as the Miami Heat brought their fight with them as well on Wednesday night.

Behind some key defensive stops and huge shots, the Miami Heat would ride that momentum to a tough one-possession victory on the night, concluding with a defensive stop. The shot of the night though would be this one from Tyler Herro.

Just a game after shutting Tyrese Haliburton down of the Indiana Pacers, the Miami Heat would come out in the next game and get it done with scrappy play again. It wasn’t as complete or fluid as that one was, but this was still an encouraging performance.

This was another game that the Heat, perhaps, lose at points this season. But they didn’t here and that’s all that matters.

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Now, they’ll get ready for what seems like deja vu, another Saturday showdown with the San Antonio Spurs.