Jimmy Butler says Miami Heat core will ‘have to figure it out’

Kyle Lowry #7, Caleb Martin #16, Bam Adebayo #13, Tyler Herro #14 and Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Kyle Lowry #7, Caleb Martin #16, Bam Adebayo #13, Tyler Herro #14 and Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat may be on the market to make a move in the near future, perhaps. However, with the NBA Trade Deadline inching ever so close, a week or so away, the Heat will have to act sooner than later.

However, when it comes to the Miami Heat roster, one can’t expect that dramatic of a shakeup, right? Well, who knows, as anything is possible but with the assets they seemingly have to offer, any move will be a marginal one unless a Kyle Lowry or Duncan Robinson are somehow dealt.

And with neither of those seeming likely, with Robinson’s finger injury and recent reports on the Heat’s intentions to keep Lowry around, that likelihood is directly attached to the Heat’s likelihood of a seismic move. And that brings us here.

With all that in mind, is this Heat core of Bam Adebayo, Tyler Herro, and Jimmy Butler, surrounded by the likes of Lowry and the others—enough?

The Miami Heat still have a lot of work to do, but their best guy thinks they can compete with their current core. And if you know Jimmy Butler, you believe him.

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Well, Butler certainly thinks that the top three are enough to “figure it out”, at least according to this recent quote.

"Honestly, I see a lot of myself when you talk about the career path and trajectory of everything. They’ve figured it out. They realized that they belong in this league. They’re constantly proving that they belong in this league. Not only that, they’ve gotten better every single year, and they’re gonna continue to get better every single year. And before you know it, we’re all going to end up winning a championship together because I don’t plan on going anywhere. Tyler doesn’t plan on going anywhere. Bam doesn’t plan on going anywhere, so we’re gonna have to figure it out."

And he’s not wrong.

Going deep into the NBA Playoffs in two of Jimmy Butler’s three years thus far with this same core of players, give or take a guy or two, the Miami Heat can, again, make some noise this year. With Adebayo and Herro improving, it appears to the naked eye and though consistency will continue to be a thing, that this is the only safe assumption.

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And beyond that, you take this same outlook on the trajectory. As long as Butler is there, they definitely have a shot, and the last couple of seasons are proof of that.