AUCH Roundtable: Should Miami Heat be looking to move Max Strus?

Max Strus #31 of the Miami Heat looks on against the LA Clippers (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)
Max Strus #31 of the Miami Heat looks on against the LA Clippers (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images) /
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Miami Heat
Max Strus #31 of the Miami Heat takes a shot during the game between San Antonio Spurs against Miami Heat(Photo by Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images) /

AUCH Roundtable: Should Miami Heat Look To Move Max Strus? – Kenneth’s Take

When it comes to Max Strus and the Miami Heat, the answer for me is simple.

My Take

You have to trade the guy and the reason you have to trade him is that you’re going to let him walk this offseason for nothing in return. Here’s the thing.

You love Max Strus because he’s a really good player, however, he hasn’t fully leaned into his potential with this Miami Heat squad, and much of this by his own regard. You look at his shooting, which has been a bit up and down this season, however, he is the type of player with the handle, physical build, and athletic ability to be able to do some other things on the offensive side of the ball as well.

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All too often, with his handle, bounce, and other physical gifts, he finds himself settling for shots or attempts at the rim that aren’t as strong or potentially effective as they could be. And when your shot isn’t falling as consistently as it has in the past, that stuff becomes even more crucial.

The defensive stuff is what it is and there are times when you just have to deal with that when a guy is capable of a certain level of offense. In this particular case though, Max Strus isn’t a guy that you continue to sacrifice for while potentially having to gamble at it all this summer.

So, you take the safe bet and you package him up now to get something back while you can. To be quite frank, the Miami Heat have Duncan Robinson and his $18 million average that they gave him on a per-year basis.

No other team is going to take that deal on, at least, not right now they aren’t. And if you trade Max Strus, you can always go back to Duncan, who’s never gotten the rope that max has as a shooter.

But that’s not important. What is important is the fact that you can get something for Max.

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And along with the notion that it seems like you can’t move Duncan right now with his deal and finger injury, it’s the way to go. Because regardless of it all, you stand the chance to overpay once again or lose Max in the summer for nothing anyway.