LaMarcus Aldridge the cautionary tale on Kevin Love’s Miami Heat interest

Kevin Love #0 of the Cleveland Cavaliers looks on prior to the game against the Miami Heat at FTX Arena(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Kevin Love #0 of the Cleveland Cavaliers looks on prior to the game against the Miami Heat at FTX Arena(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat appear to be looking to make a move or two as the NBA All-Star Break continues to move along this weekend.

With Kevin Love now being headed toward the free agent market after he completes his buyout with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the former champion forward for the Cavaliers will now be able to sign with any other NBA team of his own choosing.

And according to the reports, the Miami Heat sit right at the top of the power forward’s list.

However, one has to remain with a sense of caution as the Miami Heat have been here before. If you think back to just a few seasons ago, LaMarcus Aldridge was supposed to have the Miami Heat at the top of his list as well.

The Miami Heat are reportedly at the top of Kevin Love’s list of next teams. However, until final, history teaches that you shouldn’t believe it’s certain yet.

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However, he would go on to sign with the Brooklyn Nets after completing his buyout with the San Antonio Spurs.

And while the Miami Heat do have the best chance to land Kevin Love’s services based on the role they can offer him in a playoff-contending situation, there are still hurdles to climb.

And that would be reported interest from other NBA squads, as the Philadelphia 76ers, LA Lakers, and perhaps even more teams have shown interest in him as well at this point. The Miami Heat could certainly use the three-point shooting and rebounding that he has shown to be able to give across his career, even at this advanced age and stage in the game.

It would not only provide them with more depth along the ranks of their big-man rotation, but it gives them a guy that does something that they don’t currently have. While they have improved as a team rebounding unit, they are still struggling a bit from the outside, while they are a bottom offensive team in the league.

Love can help provide a punch in all three of those areas, being a plus rebounder, shooter, and still able to get himself positioned near the rim for easy baskets. And though there are some defensive challenges, nobody helps a guy maximize his defensive potential or covers for a guy like the Heat and their defensive principles.

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Basically, Coach Spo, that staff, and the rest of his team are good enough to lift him up there where it’s needed. Let’s hope Pat Riley and company have their ducks in a row