Kyle Lowry’s return should have a positive impact on Miami Heat bigs

Head coach Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat talks with Kyle Lowry #7 during the game against the Washington Wizards(Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images)
Head coach Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat talks with Kyle Lowry #7 during the game against the Washington Wizards(Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat will look to successfully complete the second part of a back-to-back on Saturday night, as they head across the state to take on their in-state rivals, the Orlando Magic. The plan is to also welcome back one of their key pieces as well, as the Miami Heat are getting set to get Kyle Lowry back into the lineup according to reports.

While this, not only, gives the Miami Heat a needed boost when it comes to another capable shotmaker, though he needs to improve on what he has been this season up until now, it also allows guys, such as Gabe Vincent, to go back to a more comfortable role where they might be more effective with their own offense as well.

But along with everything that he should provide on his own individual accord, that’s the most interesting part of Lowry’s return. Yes, you look at a guy like Vincent and the direct impact Lowry’s return will have on him, however, for guys like the Miami Heat big men, it should have a vast impact on them as well.

The Miami Heat will get Kyle Lowry back as they finish off a back-to-back set in Orlando. He’ll help them, overall, but should especially help the big men.

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You immediately look to Bam Adebayo, who, although, hasn’t shown much difference in his performance with Lowry on or off the court this year, perhaps seeing some different openings in areas on the floor due to Kevin Love’s presence could allow for improvement with Lowry on the floor.

And that takes you right to a guy like Kevin Love. He still shows an ability to get those easy buckets for the Miami Heat with his positioning and touch around the hoop but can also benefit by playing alongside another veteran, a floor general, and nonetheless—one like Kyle Lowry.

And lastly, though the Miami Heat have had size, they haven’t had anything quite like Cody Zeller. Still a guy that was a high draft pick when he came out, Zeller has gifts that the other heat bigs haven’t had recently, outside of Bam, who still doesn’t have Zeller’s pure size.

Said size also looks different on the court as well, as he really looks like a giant amongst humans sometimes out there on the floor. He just plays big.

And when thinking about a guy like that and what Kyle Lowry might be able to help him do on the floor, things may become just that much more interesting as well. Yes, Lowry hadn’t been that good this year anyway before missing the last 15 games, so this isn’t to hype him as if he is a totally different player.

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But this Heat team has added pieces since he last played, while Lowry should be as fresh as he has been since the beginning of the season at this point. And with all that, you do look forward to what his return may bring for this searching Miami Heat squad and especially when it comes to the effectiveness of their big men.