A Letter to Bam Adebayo: Miami Heat need ‘the Bam Game’

Bam Adebayo #13 of the Miami Heat prepares before the start of the game against the New York Knicks(Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images)
Bam Adebayo #13 of the Miami Heat prepares before the start of the game against the New York Knicks(Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images) /

To Bam Adebayo,

I hope this letter reaches you in time before Game 6.

My name is Josan Foradada and as a lifelong Miami Heat fan, I felt compelled to write this letter to express not just my admiration and respect for your talents, but also to relay my hopes and dreams for what I know you can accomplish. I remember when you were drafted out of Kentucky. I was among the minority who celebrated that decision, and today, I can proudly say that my faith has been unwavering.

The Heat scouts knew of your defensive prowess and versatility, and when you put on that dazzling offensive display during your pre-draft workout, we knew we’d drafted a gem. During his pre-draft workout, “One Heat official asked Adebayo what percentage of corner 3s he could hit in practice. Adebayo answered with bravado: 60%. Prove it, they said. Adebayo hit 31-of-50  making 62%.

For the first few years, your offensive role was restricted primarily to picks and handoffs not sure why they would limit you knowing your capability. But anyone watching you closely knows that your offensive prowess extends far beyond that. This season, you’ve indeed come into your own as an offensive force, illustrating that when you adopt an aggressive mindset, you’re virtually unstoppable.

Statistics speak for themselves, but sometimes they need to be amplified. You’ve scored 20 points or more this season in 37 regular season games. In these games, you’ve averaged 25.4 points, 10.4 rebounds, and 3.1 assists while shooting 60% from the field. We’re 23-14 when you score 20 or more. And in the playoffs, the Heat are 6-0 when you hit this mark. Those numbers don’t just reflect your individual performance; they underscore your immense impact on the team’s success. To dive in deeper when you shoot the ball 20 or more times we are now 7-1 including 2-0 in the playoffs.

Now, we find ourselves facing a critical Game 6 in the Eastern Conference Finals, and we need you, Bam. We need your statement game in Game 6!

There are games when I just cant wait to trade you in the offseason. Such as Games 3 and 4 when you only attempted a combined 12 field goals. I won’t sugarcoat it: that’s unacceptable. You’re too good, too integral to our offense to be limiting your attempts.

From Shaq’s candid words on TNT to the very numbers that underscore your performance, it’s clear that you need to step up and dominate when the pressure is on. Tatum, Grant Williams, they cannot and should not be able to guard you. You’re too versatile, too powerful, too skilled.

We all know that the Celtics don’t have a defender capable of locking you down.

Our offense is exponentially more potent when you’re firing on all cylinders. Your aggressive playmaking demands double teams and your ability to find the open shooter is critical. According to Cleaning the Glass, the Heat are making 64% of their shots following a pass from you.

Jimmy Butler’s offensive contributions are immense, but you have the potential to stand as his equal, to bring that much-needed support. Robert Williams and Al Horford can’t keep up with your agility, while Tatum, Brown, and Grant Williams can’t match your strength. You’ve got an arsenal at your disposal. Impeccable footwork, a formidable post-up game, and a jump shot that can dismantle any defense.

This is the time for you to command the ball and dominate the game. If the defense sags, make them pay with your shot. If they pressure, exploit their lack of speed and attack the rim. Your potential is boundless, Bam, I, along with countless other Heat fans, believe in you.

Make Game 6 your game.


Be the star we know you are.


Josan Foradada