8 Players Miami Heat chose to hold on for way too long

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Jamaal Magloire
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Jamaal Magloire (2008-11)

In an attempt to add depth and veteran leadership in the frontcourt, the Miami Heat decided to sign a 30-year-old Jamaal Magloire to a one-year deal just before the start of NBA Training Camp in 2008. Miami would go on to re-sign Magloire twice more after that first season.

Even though Magloire represented something much bigger than an every-game contributor, it should’ve been quite clear that there were probably better options on the open market for the Heat at the time. But, Pat Riley does love his veterans and that was very much evident during the three seasons that he decided to keep Magloire on the roster. That doesn’t mean it was the right decision by any means, however.

During his most productive season with the Heat, Magloire played in 55 games and averaged three points and four rebounds on 50 percent shooting from the field. And that was his first season with the club. Miami decided to hold onto Magloire for two more seasons after that.

The decision to keep Magloire was not a huge mistake. It’s not going to be remembered as a terrible one whatsoever, but it’s hard to argue against the fact that Miami probably kept Magloire on the roster a couple of seasons too long.