Top 10 Greatest Heat Defenders ranked by Defensive Box Plus/Minus (DPM)

These players recorded the highest Defensive Box Plus/Minus ratings in Miami Heat franchise history.
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Defense wins championships, a mantra that reverberates across sports. The Miami Heat, however, stand out with their unique brand of gritty defense. They have been home to some of the most tenacious defenders in the game, showcasing the peak versions of several Hall of Famers.

Advanced stats aren't tell-all numbers but can illustrate a clearer picture when used correctly. Defensive Box Plus/Minus (DPM) factors in a player's defense, the defense of the players they play with, and the team's overall defensive performance. 

This stat relies on the teammates on the floor and the individual defender but is still a solid measure of said players' defense. The 36-year-old Heat franchise has some undeniable talents that crack their top 10 DPM list; number ten didn't maximize his talent, but he was a force to be acknowledged (ask all the rim drivers). 

10. Hassan Whiteside - 1.3 DBPM

A gentle giant at his core, Hassan Whiteside's giant side jumped off TV screens for two seasons with the Heat. He was an uber-talented shot blocker who erased any and all comers. 

Whiteside led the league in blocks in 2016, averaging an impressive 3.7 blocks per game. When he was playing his best, he was unstoppable and didn't worry about his 2k rating. 

One of his greatest strengths was dominating the boards. Whiteside consistently grabbed rebounds and ended his opponents' possessions. This is a crucial aspect of defense since ending their possession is the only way to stop the other team from scoring.

This paint-beast led the league in rebounds with 14.1 boards a game in 2017. He was named second-team all-defense during this stretch; if he had been more professional and focused on his career, there's no telling how high he could have ended up on this list.